We are proud to work with a small selection of excellent UK suppliers. In doing so we are committed to using sustainable, local produce wherever possible, and taking fresh, quality and seasonal ingredients and turning them daily into what we believe are classic dishes. We receive fresh daily deliveries of all our meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.




Our meat is from James Connolly Butchers, who have been supplying meat products to the catering trade in Northamptonshire for over 40 years. They rear their own cattle, which are grass fed and free range, at Church Farm in Overstone Park. Their lambs are grass & corn fed on the farm. They never use any pesticides on their land. All beef is matured to maintain a tender consistency and only the finest cuts are selected. They manufacture all their own feed for the animals and the cattle are slaughtered locally to cut down on food miles. 

James Connolly Butchers is inspected and monitored by the Meat Hygiene Service, which is the government organisation responsible for the enforcement of meat hygiene legislation, as well as by DEFRA for full traceability of all their products.




Our fish and shellfish is from The Stickleback Fish Company. Based in Hertfordshire, Stickleback has a family heritage which includes 50 years of running fish shops. They supply the freshest fish from a range of carefully selected sources across the UK. They specialise in local, day boat fish, work only with fully approved suppliers and have buyers at all the major markets to ensure the best of the day’s catch. They are committed to supplying fish from sustainable sources.

Stickleback has SALSA (Safe & Local Supplier) accreditation, meaning that they have demonstrated that they are able to produce safe & legal food. The company is also Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certified, meaning that its products are recorded and traceable through every stage of processing, from fishery to final consumer.


Fruit & Vegetables


We buy our fresh produce from Adam’s Apple in Raunds, Northamptonshire. [Awaiting further detail from Adam’s Apple]


Leafy Salad Greens


We rely on MicroGreener in Northampton to supply our micro-greens and baby leaf veggies. MicroGreener grow nutritious, flavour-packed greens sustainably through modern pesticide-free hydro-farming.




Our drinks supplier is Carlsberg. Whereas Carlsberg is a global beer and beverage company, the draught and bottled lagers which we serve are all brewed locally at their Northampton brewery. The vast majority of their raw materials and ingredients are sourced directly from nature. Carlsberg is recognised as probably the leading business in its sector in terms of environmental sustainability. The company’s sustainability programme “Together Towards ZERO” sets out its commitment to sustainable development, by setting industry-leading targets that tackle the impacts of its activities throughout the value chain. Their target for their breweries is a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2022 and zero emissions by 2030. Their target across the entire value chain, the “beer-in-hand” footprint, is a 15% reduction by 2022 and a 30% reduction by 2030. Packaging is Carlsberg’s biggest contributor to its beer-in-hand footprint – around 40%. They have recently introduced Snap-Pack, using glue to replace the hi-cone in their packs of cans. This could save as much as 1,200 tonnes of plastic annually across the globe.




Our coffee provider is Illy. Founded in 1933 in Trieste by Francesco Illy, their blend of coffee is made up of nine types of pure Arabica, sourced from coffee producers in South & Central America, India and Africa. Illy became the first company in the world to obtain “Responsible Supply Chain Process” certification from DNV (Det Norske Veritas), who are global leaders in certifying management systems across all types of industries, including the certification of the sustainability of the entire supply chain.